I came to waterwork "like a virgin to a child"!

Our vet physiotherapist recommended that I swim a lot with my very large Labrador dog Boby who suffered from spondylosis and arthrosis at the age of 12. Since my soul dog tried to "save" ALL and EVERYTHING from the water, a bathing or dog beach unfortunately turned out unsuitable. So, I looked for help and found the water working group "WAG Sachsen eV". Boby's sense of work was very welcome there and we both had a lot of fun working on the water for over two years.

In 2015 and 2016 I received training in the water work division at DVG e. V.. After certification, I was allowed to train dogs in this fantastic sport. Photos and reports from the past few years can also be found at www.wag-sachsen.de and on the Facebook page "Wasserarbeitsgruppe WAG Sachsen".

What does it have to do with Adhara?

When my Boby died in 2016, everything was empty (anyone who ever lost a four-legged friend will understand) and as it sometimes happens, two months later, the Landseer bitch Dina gave birth to six beautiful puppies to my friend Doubravka (CZ). Both parents, Dina and Haddock are fantastic water work dogs. I had already worked with Dina as a trainer and I am always enthusiastic about her commitment. Haddock works with Stephane Burel (FR) in the Atlantic, in Normandy. I am more than happy to have been able to work in a team with the only girl from this fine mating for over two years. Waterwork is our passion!

By the way, I have never seen a Landseer who did not really enjoy swimming and performing tasks on the water! Sometimes a professional guide is needed to pave the way into the water and to train safe swimming. Patience and an active dog owner are further requirements. It is very rare for the Landseer that they have no swimming intentions. Some bipeds have spontaneously landed in the cool water with their Landseer at the end of the leash ...) The representatives of this breed seem to be born for this element !!!

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