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Something is written about me here!

I am Adhara Wepwawet, born on 27th October 2016.

I got my name, Adhara, after a bright giant in Canis Major, the 'greater dog' constellation. Below, you see a picture of the constellation and my namesake.

As the first puppy in A litter, I first saw the light of the world in Bosin (CZ) with Dr. Doubravka Olsakova. My five brothers had to wait ... after all, we girls are curious 😉. When I was strong and old enough, I was allowed to go on a long trip across the border to Germany to Yvonne and Uwe. A Newfoundland girl, a Parson Russel grandfather, and funny Cat "Speedy" were waiting there for me. In fact, there was always someone there for me. My new dog mom played with me a lot and we snuggled together at night. I never felt homesick.

After I fully settled in and the snow thawed, we all drove to a large camp. At the camp, I was allowed to swim for the first time! I was at six months old and I was getting colourful things and ropes out of water: that was great! Three months later, I felt like a true diva when I won my first water work test in Poland. Actually, I won it together with my brother Artur. It's so good my dog ​​mom is my trainer. Every Sunday, we go to the cool water, my element! Well, it's little wonder I like water so much: my mom Dina does water work in the Czech Republic and my dad Haddock does the same in Normandy. When I see, hear, and smell the sea, I just HAVE TO jump into the highest waves. There's no other way to put it ... it must be in the genes 😉.

And since I love to work sooo much, I have A and B diplomas from DVG e. V. in Germany and I passed the first degree water work in Luxembourg with very good results.

Anything else? Oh yes! For months, I practiced at our dog place for the companion dog exam (IPO/ FCI) and guess what?! I passed!

And dog shows? Well, my people didn't want to go there with me, but my breeding mum did it really cleverly, disguising a weekend as a family event with mom Dina and little brother Artur. You should have seen the faces when I got out of my first show with the BOB and the next day with a BOS. Then my mom went nuts and registered me for the World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig, her hometown. I was very happy to go home as a German Junior Winner. Then I dragged my people 'through the world' ... I showed my people completely new countries! And it was worth it. In my new home, I became the national winner in Germany twice and once I won the national title in Austria. As a 'bright giant', I brought home from our travels the titles of a German, Czech and a Polish champion. From all the successes I got  now even awarded the title "International Beauty Champion" from the F.C.I.

If you now think that this may be stressful... NOPE! I love it when my dad gets his bike out and I can run next to him, nice and slow of course. Or when my mom canoes with me and I swim alongside her. The walks with mom are fantastic - she always comes up with something exciting. And now I'm looking forward to doing some pulling work in winter again! It keeps my muscles fit. I also care a for my biped family and our home when I'm outside. My people say I'm an allrounder 😉 and since my people also make sure that I get enough rest and sleep after all these nice activities, I have never ever broken anything. I am especially proud of that!

I was so excited when we drove to Denmark in early March! The bipeds constantly chatter about little, cute 'stain dwarfs' and a beautiful 'prince'.

Yeah, that was a beautiful "prince" and now I'm as excited as my bipeds like a bow on the ultrasound and on my little puppies in early May.