Why dog ​​sport?

Humans have bred different dog breeds for very different tasks. With a few exceptions, most of these tasks are not performed by dogs anymore. Many dogs are therefore kept as family dogs today. This form of living suits their needs because dogs have developed in close relationship with humans over the past centuries and longer.

However, dogs need physical and mental challenges that should ideally be based on the original work that the different breeds did for their owners. If a dog's need for physical or mental activity is not met, behavioral problems can arise, just like in children.

Dog sport is a wonderful alternative to the earlier collaboration with humans. The joint activities of human-dog teams in breed-specific sport bring a lot of advantages for both sides :

  • Need-specific challenge and activity

  • Promotion of natural characteristics and skills

  • Physical and mental development

  • Exercise (in nature)

  • Education and discipline

  • Team building / bonding

  • Lots of fun and play

  • Fulfilling leisure activities among like-minded people

  • Optional participation in competitions

The most important requirements for starting a dog sport suitable for the breed are that the dog has reached the recommended age and is in good health. Likewise, the dog handler should also be able to meet the physical requirements with appropriate training. Thus, dog sport gives humans a great opportunity to stay fit or to become more active again.

Water work / water rescue and sulky pulling are particularly suitable for our Landseer according to their genetic endowment. You can find out more about both dog sports on the next pages or you can ask us.

The companion dog test including a traffic safety exam (BH / VT IPO / FCI) is also ideal for every Landseer and his leash carrier. Obedience is another great training goal for our beloved giants. Some human-Landseer teams are also successful in mantrailing.