Our A-litter is planned for May in 2020.

On March 7th 2020 we are allowed to come to Rikke Borg (Landseer kennel Borgmosegaards, www.landseeren.dk) in Denmark to have Adhara mated with the beautiful Borgmosegaards Bacardi, called Luath. We thank Rikke for your trust in us !!!

On March 9th ​​we were ready. Adhara and Barcardi celebrated their wedding. We are now hoping for beautiful puppies from this mating who should kick the light of this world around May 8th. The ultrasound will show us more in three weeks.

We present the two-time world winner (2017, 2018) and two-time European winner (2018, 2019), international champion FCI and, and, and ... Below you can find more information on his pedigree, his state of health and some great photos.

Under 'Litter planning - A-litter' you will already find the pedigree of the planned mating. We are really looking forward to the puppies from Adhara and Bacardi in May 2020!

We warmly invite all interested parties to visit us and to get to know Adhara Wepwawet personally. We are happy to answer all your questions about the Landseer.

If you are interested, please contact us.